awake & At Home
In America

Before there were guarded fences
that stretched across the endless dusk

Before there were state issued documents
That determined which endangered children were worthy of being saved

Before fear and ignorance became the currency with which we bought and sold our precious lives

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There were indigenous women that marched
with crops stretched across their shoulders
and infant arms draped around their necks

There were men whose histories would be brushed away like footprints
while newcomers claimed to settle the lands where their ancestors had once walked

And there were stateless people who understood the worth of welcoming strangers into the warmth of their homes

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Perhaps there are those among us that don't remember.
Perhaps there are those among us for whom it is more convenient to forget.

But for those of us who came against our will
and those of us that later fought our way over, because we too wanted to dream

we are here to serve as a reminder

Although the promises of the past may not have been made with us in mind
We fully intended to hold them to account

Regardless of what tongues we speak
Regardless of what names we choose
to call in prayer
Regardless of what offense it might cause to the delicate sensibilities
of the old guard

We are the America that is here to stay

we are awake
and we are very much at home


fw17 "Awake & at home in america"

FW17. Photographed by Joshua Kissi
Models: Alysia BeckfordMominatu BoogLawrence AnnunziataJason Kusimo, Naima
Make Up: Alana Wright