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Regardless of creed, color or hue. Regardless of faith, status or class. Men, women and children of different shades have traveled to the West in pursuit of better lives for their loved ones. They have dreamt, just as those who came before them once dreamt, of seizing a better tomorrow for the ones that they hold most dear. And they have worked tirelessly to achieve what many deemed impossible. Our latest collection is a reminder that the right to dream is not an exclusive one that can be kept in the clutches of those who wrongly claim to have come to these lands first. The right to dream belongs to all of us.


Known for turning more heads in museums than the paintings do, our art-inspired jackets present a relaxed elegance while provoking reactions from all who behold them.


Whether we make them custom, or provide them in our ready-to-wear fit, our sportcoats manage the rare trick of being bold without being a caricature.


Printed in Italy, each of our silk scarves reinvents the myths of Renaissance-era Europe by intertwining them with West African aesthetics.