Ikiré Jones - Clothing for a Higher Calling.

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Some of them are surgeons who found themselves in backs of warehouses stocking shelves to survive. Some of them are diplomats who found themselves driving taxis through the alleys of a crowded metropolis to feed their families. Others are 2nd generation citizens who grew up watching their foreign-tongued parents struggling to ascend the precarious ladders of American society, so that the children could one day grow to become lawyers that would argue against the very laws that once barred them from prosperity.
"Born Between Borders" our latest collection, celebrates the perseverance of the often unrecognized newcomers that continue to make our society great.


Known for turning more heads in museums than the paintings do, our art-inspired jackets present a relaxed elegance while provoking reactions from all who behold them.


Whether we make them custom, or provide them in our ready-to-wear fit, our sportcoats manage the rare trick of being bold without being a caricature.


Printed in Italy, each of our silk scarves reinvents the myths of Renaissance-era Europe by intertwining them with West African aesthetics.