The Oluséyi

The Oluséyi

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The "Oluséyi" sport coat is made in Philadelphia, USA.
Fabric: Hand-blocked print pattern made of 100% wax cotton. It is made of wax-printed cotton.

We provide two construction methods for our sportcoats:
Structured  - Constructed with a single piece canvas to provide clean lines and prolonged durability. The structured jacket is fully lined with hand finishing on the sleeve heads and collar.

Unstructured - A light, form-fitting shell with lined sleeves. The unstructured jackets have the same slim fit as the structured jackets with increased breath-ability and a weightless feel.

Because it is made to order, this item is exchange-only and not refundable.

Structured / Unstructured:
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"These were strange men. The kind of brutes that roamed the streets like wolves and battered opponents' supporters bloody in back alleys for being caught wearing the wrong jersey after the wrong outcome of a football game. I had seen men do unspeakable things to each other where I was from. But even then, they still treated each other as men.

The first time I heard the now familiar monkey chants directed at me from the crowd, I was setting up for a corner kick. The ball never made it onto the pitch. Before the whistle blew, I had already gone flying into the stands with blood boiling and fists looking for a grinning culprit.

Later, I would learn to resist their goading. I had fought through deserts, waves and a government abetted prophecy that spoke of my early death. But I had not done all of this to be treated like an animal while playing football in Italy. Today, when the banana peel landed at my feet, I decided I had had enough. I picked up the ball and strode toward the stands with an index finger to my lips. A thousand spectators were silenced. To everyone present, it felt like the whole world was waiting to see what I would do next."