Justin's Order #2

Justin's Order #2


Thanks for coming by Justin.
Glad we were able to have you come through to nail down your pattern and fit. 

This link below is for your additional order requests. If there is something you'd like me to edit in the list, let me know and we can remove/add to update the price. Please note that contrary to the picture shown, we will be making you a 3 piece (Double Breasted jacket + vest + trousers in the Japanese print) and we will be making you a shawl-collared jacket in the black and white print.

The price break down for each item is below:
Double Breasted Jacket - $800
Trousers - $245
Vest - $ 225
Shawl Jacket - $800

Total - $2070

Our prices have actually gone up, but because you caught up early, we're keeping the prices the same as with your last order.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
Walé & Sam

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